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Chuong Pham

Chuong Charlie Pham is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, a real estate investor, and a business mentor but getting to this level required a lot of resilience and dedication.

A Brief Background


Charlie became an eCommerce millionaire after undergoing a great deal of endurance and effort. Now, as an investor and a business coach, he mentors his students, help them achieve their entrepreneurial goals seamlessly. Reflecting on his journey, Charlie believes that having a mentor is crucial, and he could've avoided making several mistakes had he sought a mentor.

Charlie has successfully inspired and helped several people to reach their full potential and make their dreams a reality. He also has several achievements under his belt. Other than an eCommerce entrepreneur, he is also a business investor and consultant. He recently started his company, MagnifiCapital, which helps brands take off and grow.

What makes Charlie stand out from others is his unique take on financial matters. He isn’t like most coaches, who push their clients to leave their job. Rather, he believes that one should only leave their day job when they have a credible source of income to fall back on if the business doesn't take off.

Charlie's accomplishments haven't been without failures. He, like every ordinary person, has made mistakes that incurred a great loss. His investment in a restaurant is a good example of it. He worked more than 15 hours daily for three years continuously with the hope to see the restaurant grow, but it didn't, and as a result, Charlie lost hundreds of thousands in the end.

After years of continuous hardships and effort, Charlie reached a point where he was earning millions every year. His eCommerce company gradually gained success. In 2016, he exited the company with an 8-figure buyout. Charlie has also ventured into a real estate investment business and works as a business mentor who helps people grow their businesses effectively.

Choung Pham came to us because he wanted to boost and strengthen his business via attention in the media and other sources.

How We Do It?

Our Process

Empowering Choung Phams Digital Journey: Guided him towards amplified online influence through tailored strategies and impactful content.


We had an initial consultation call with Chuong Pham, where we identified his goals and requirements. On the call, we discussed the PR strategy we would implement in the upcoming months.


Based on the needs of Chuong Pham, we worked with him to build out a roadmap of publications, a timeline, and a trajectory for success that will best elevate the digital authority of his brand.


We sent him a questionnaire that we would leverage to craft his content. Then, we began the process of content creation and getting him featured on the agreed publications.

The Challenge

Chuong Pham, a successful entrepreneur, wanted to boost his social media credibility and authority. We needed to craft a unique angle for Chuong’s story and help him get press features in different significant publications.

The Strategy


Featured On

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