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Janine Kreft, Psy.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who is known for her unique perspective on transformation. She is the founder of Kreft’s Couch, an Instagram page poised to increase global consciousness with self-paced healing. Dr. Kreft completed her doctorate in clinical psychology in 2015 and worked exclusively with Veterans at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for nearly seven years. Feeling out of alignment with the traditional therapies that were taught, she sought alternative and modern techniques that could facilitate transformation more efficiently. 

The idea and inspiration behind Kreft’s Couch were born from when she worked at the Veterans Affairs. For her, what was traditionally taught in and around mental health was lacking in what else was possible. Janine began to envision a platform that could bring people all around the world to seek something greater for themselves. 

Dr. Kreft launched Kreft’s Couch in February 2021 but has been on social media for a quite long time. She has around 110k Instagram followers and 680k on Tiktok that seek support regarding topics including regulating the nervous system, subconscious reprogramming, setting boundaries in relationships, finding purpose in life, taking care of your well-being, and much more through different approaches. 

Dr. Kreft is a modern trendsetter in the world of clinical psychology. She has introduced less known and newer techniques that can facilitate any person towards greater mental wellness. 

“Mental health is physical health,” says Dr. Kreft. Her contribution to the world of psychology and wellness through social media has made healing more accessible. In the words of Dr. Kreft, mental health hygiene is to seek “practicing tools preventatively to maintain mental wellness and help increase resilience”. As a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Kreft consistently shows up for herself. Despite early life hurdles, she didn’t let that stop her. “Letting go of the need for perfection and being willing to get it wrong has been such a gift,” says Dr. Kreft. She has proven to be a great option for seeking life-changing transformation. 

Janine came to us because she wanted to further boost her business as well as her social media credibility and authority.


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    We had an initial consultation call with Janine Kreft, where we identified her goals and requirements. On the call, we discussed the PR strategy we would implement in the upcoming months.

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    Based on the needs of Janine Kreft, we worked with her to build out a roadmap of publications, a timeline, and a trajectory for success that will best elevate the digital authority of her brand.

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    We sent her a questionnaire that we would leverage to craft her content. Then, we began the process of content creation and getting her featured on the agreed publications.


Janine Kreft is widely known as a licensed Clinical Psychologist expert, however, she wanted to  increase her business and social media credibility and authority. What we needed to do was to craft out a unique angle for Janine’s story and help her to get press features in different major publications.


  • Present Janine’s success story from a unique angle and boost her business and skills awareness.
  • Improve Google search presence for Janine Kreft and her company.
  • Boost her social media credibility and authority by positioning Janine Kreft as an expert psychologist.
  • Generate enough press so that it could, later on, be used as leverage to get on even bigger media outlets if needed.

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  • Janine Kreft was featured in several publications including Disrupt Magazine, The Hustler’s Digest, and more.
  • Created compelling content and strategically got it placed on major media outlets to position Janine Kreft as an expert in her field.
  • Boosted press exposure, and brand credibility tremendously.
  • Attained a lot of powerful media coverage, hence laying the initial foundation for social media verification in the future.

What Janine Has To Say

Janine Kreft

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“I’ve worked with Mogul Press and WOW they were so professional and so fast with the turnaround time. The articles they published were professional, nicely written, and had pictures of me. If you are looking to work with someone in the PR industry I highly recommend Mogul Press.”

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