Michel Arlindo

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Being born in São Vicente, the estate of São Paulo, Michel was raised with a great interest in sports and practising physical activities. His intense passion for physical fitness fueled his fire to lead toward the relevant field. Thus, Michel decided to study physical education at the university. After graduating in physical education, Michel worked at the second biggest company in Brazil, WeBourn, with the intention of gym training at home.

Until March 2019, Michel worked as a personal trainer at the gym but failed to continue because the Government clinched the pandemic, and the lockdown left him downright cheesed off by affecting his job. Consequently, Michel started his business in gym training at home to give people an amazing opportunity to lose weight with fantastic methods. Michel has been full of fitness ideas since the day he was born. Hence, he came up with the method QG10 (Queima Gordura em 10), which burns fats in 10 minutes. Luckily, this method reached astounding heights of success when more than 500 people lost weight using this method.

So far, Michel has won the hearts of millions of people with his outstanding services on social media, with 2.1 million followers on TikTok, 178K followers on Instagram, and millions on YouTube, and Kawaii, a feat many can just dream of. Despite his success, Michel continues looking for better opportunities preferably than being stuck to one thing.

Michel Arlindo came to us because he wanted to boost his business further and his social media credibility and authority.


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    We had an initial consultation call with Michel Arlindo, where we identified his goals and requirements. On the call, we discussed the PR strategy we would implement in the upcoming months.

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    Based on the needs of Michel Arlindo, we worked with him to build out a roadmap of publications, a timeline, and a trajectory for success that will best elevate the digital authority of his brand.

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    We sent him a questionnaire that we would leverage to craft his content. Then, we began the process of content creation and getting him featured on the agreed publications.


Michel Arlindo, a personal trainer and digital influencer, wanted to further boost his business as well as his social media credibility and authority. What we needed to do was to craft out a unique angle for Michel’s story and help him get press features in different major publications.


  • Create powerful content that showcases Michel Arlindo’s story in a unique way.
  • Improve Google search presence for Michel Arlindo and his business.
  • Boost social media credibility and authority by positioning Michel Arlindo as a successful fitness trainer.
  • Generate enough press so that it could, later on, be used as leverage to get on even bigger media outlets if needed.

Featured On

the hustlers digest (3)
New Project (27)
New Project (5)


  • Got Michel Arlindo featured in several publications including The Hustler’s Digest, Disrupt Magazine, and more.
  • Created compelling content and strategically got it placed on major media outlets to position Michel Arlindo as an expert in his field.
  • Boosted press exposure, and online presence tremendously.
  • Attained a lot of powerful media coverage, hence laying the initial foundation for social media verification in the future.

What Michel Has To Say

Michel Arlindo

GYM Trainer

“I just want to give a huge shoutout to Mogul Press for all the amazing PR work that they have done for me, I was able to be featured in some really major publications. I am so grateful and thankful that I had the opportunity to work with them, they did such an amazing job, I highly recommend using Mogul Press.”

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