Robert Ritter

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Robert Ritter grew up in Dalton, PA, on the peripheries of Scranton. He worked in a coal and lumber business that his father owned. He then moved to New Jersey to attend a prep school and later landed at Williams College in northwest Massachusetts, where he graduated with a B.A. in Psychology.

This Ritter boy had a knack for exploring his passion to the fullest. Be it music or entrepreneurship. Robert aced everything. He played lead cornet while at Williams. His college band was the first to play at Carnegie Hall.

His group won the nationwide most-watched show, Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout Show on CBS, appeared two times on the Tonight Show on NBC, and was invited to play for Princess Grace’s wedding in Monaco.

Besides his entertainment overtures, Robert rocked in professional life as well. After college, he joined the Newark General Agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance. He started leading the Agency in production in his second year, but he didn’t halt just there. In the following two years, MassMutual promoted him to General Agent in Oakland, CA, and with that, he became the youngest person ever to achieve that milestone in the US.

Robert Ritter is the founder of landmark FinTech software company, InsMark, a great source of success for over 30,000 financial producers. Nearly 100 major life insurance companies have sponsored InsMark’s products. The success of InsMark reflects Robert Ritter’s innovative ideas.

He established InsMark in 1983. 

During years of working in the retail end of the life insurance business, he felt something was always amiss in company-sponsored presentations. He observed that the illustration of life insurance data was typically poorly presented to customers because other departments, such as legal and actuarial, got in the way.

Robert Ritter came to us because he wanted further to boost his brand and social media credibility and authority.


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    We had an initial consultation call with Robert Ritter, where we identified his goals and requirements. On the call, we discussed the PR strategy we would implement in the upcoming months.

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    Based on the needs of Robert Ritter, we worked with him to build out a roadmap of publications, a timeline, and a trajectory for success that will best elevate the digital authority of his brand.

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    We sent her a questionnaire that we would leverage to craft his content. Then, we began the process of content creation and getting him featured on the agreed publications.


Robert Ritter was widely known for his entrepreneurship skills. However, he wanted further to boost his brand and social media credibility and authority. We needed to craft a unique angle for Robert’s story and help him get press features in significant publications.


  • Present Robert Ritter’s success story from a unique angle and boost his brand awareness.
  • Improve Google search presence for Robert Ritter and his business.
  • Boost his social media credibility and authority by positioning Robert Ritter as an expert financial services producer.
  • enerate enough press so that it could later be used as leverage to get on even bigger media outlets if needed.
  • Attain enough media coverage to meet the eligibility criteria for social media verification in the future.

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  • Robert Ritter was featured in several publications, including Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and International Business Times.
  • Created compelling content and strategically placed it on major media outlets to position Robert Ritter as an expert in his field.
  • Boosted press exposure and brand credibility tremendously.
  • Attained a lot of robust media coverage, which did wonders in authenticating his brand name and enhancing his online presence.

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